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Double galzing specialists - kidderminster

Double Glazing Specialists - Kidderminster

Looking for a double glazing specialist in Kidderminster? Then look no further, Carera Windows are specialist installers of UPVC doors, windows, conservatories, orangeries and porches in Kidderminster and the whole of the West Midlands.

Map of Kidderminster – Carera Windows covers this area

With Carera you can be sure of the very best service too. The fact that we continue to receive a huge number of recommendations from our customers is proof of that. Some 70% of all our home and commercial enquiries come via personal testimonials from happy customers. Check out our customer’s testimonials for details.


What Makes Our Service The Best in Kidderminster?

  • Free quotation
  • Free site survey services
  • No deposit
  • Payment only upon successful completion of the installation
  • We Employ our own expert sales people and installers
  • All products are manufactured to the highest standards
  • All products are thoroughly tested to ensure we comply with all industry standards
  • Energy efficient rated windows, doors and skylights
  • 10-year guarantee
  • We are a FENSA registered double glazing company

We understand how Important it is to choose the right double glazing specialists

Replacing your windows or doors requires a significant investment, which in turn, means you the customer, have to be totally happy with your choice of window style, as well as that of the installer.

The choice of style is made all the more difficult because there are many different types of materials to choose from, together with a variety of opening styles. Combined, these make a big difference to the way your windows will look, so you have to make your choice with utmost care, ensuring it suits your home and requirements. The good news is that Carera is here to help you every step of the way.

When considering the different materials, there are three top ones to look at: Aluminium, Wood and UPVC. Aluminium has a long life, and is tough, but is often more expensive dearer and their ‘look’ does not always suit the style of some homes, except for those that have an  ultra modern architectural style.  Wooden frames can be an excellent choice too, but have fallen out of favour because of the extra maintenance needed, and are not considered as environmentally friendly as UPVC.

Different Styles of UPVC Double Glazed Windows

If you have opted for UPVC windows, then you need to decide upon the style. A selection is listed below:-

  • Sash windows – classic design, great look for period properties with timeless charm.
  • Casement windows – probably the most popular, letting the most light into your home.
  • Tilt Turn windows – have a flexible dual hinge system. Great choice for homes with young children, as the windows tilt to open, and are fixed at a safe opening distance.
  • Fully reversible window – the window rotates through 180 degrees to allow internal cleaning of the external pane.
  • Open-out window – the window may be opened outwards with its friction hinges holding it in a desired position. 


In most cases you can further enhance the energy efficiency of your windows by choosing triple glazing.


Thinking about changing your doors too?

The external doors for any premises (especially your home) need to look great, alongside being  strong, sturdy and secure.

Also, with thoughts about saving money on heating (and doing one’s bit for the environment) the issue of insulation is also one that many want to take into account. Here, the good news is that today’s exterior UPVC doors insulate far more efficiently than wooden doors as well as being better than previous types of UPVC doors, all because of the advances in technology. The good news continues in that we can supply UPVC double glazed windows that will complement your chosen UPVC door style.

The range of Double glazed UPVC exterior doors includes panel, french doors, sliding doors and even stable doors, and with Carera you can rely upon our huge level of experience to help you make the best decision on the type.

UPVC double glazed doors come in a variety of different styles to include:

  • Residential doors – doors may be fitted with lever/pad handles that limit outside opening by use of a key, or lever/lever handles allowing external opening by handle movement.  High security locking systems generally comprise multipoint deadbolts of various types, and a latch lock.
  • In-Line sliding patio door –in-line sliding patio doors are the most cost effective way of providing access to your patio or garden.  They slide open smoothly and effortlessly, with no sticking or jamming.  They are also designed to be very low maintenance.  
  • French doors – French doors add charm and character to a home.  UPVC French doors are an attractive option.  Doors with Georgian bars give a cottage feel.  Available in double or triple glazing for greater efficiency.
  • Bi-Fold door – bi-fold doors will transform an ordinary room into a spectacular and versatile space that becomes a feature of the home.  Bi-fold doors are great space savers and are designed to be very low maintenance.
  • Composite doors – composite doors are hugely popular with home owners because of their authentic style, thermally efficient properties and low maintenance benefits.


Conservatories, Extensions and Orangeries in Kidderminster

Conservatories and orangeries are often used to extend homes, offering a versatile space to be enjoyed all year round. A room where you can almost be in the garden and inside at the same time. Plus, not only do conservatories and orangeries look great, they add value to your property, whilst also  increasing the amount of natural light inside your home.

There are many styles to choose from, ensuring a match for the style of your home, as well as your existing windows and doors. Your conservatory, be it traditional or modern, is a great way of extending your home and  living space. 

Custom Built Conservatories –  the complete service from Carera Windows

With a custom made UPVC conservatory from Carera Windows, you will have all the freedom you want to build that extra space you need, one that reflects your home’s individual style and that compliments it to the full. 

Whichever style you choose, be it ornate, traditional or a modern / contemporary design, we will help you plan your conservatory or orangery so it is just what you want. Plus, as we take pride in our work, you can be sure that it will be of the very highest quality and will be designed to totally fit your requirements.

Some Interesting Information about Kidderminster….

When a place name includes ‘Minster’ it means that a ‘principal church’ or Monastry (or minstre) was, once in the same geographic region. In Kidderminster’s case this dates back to 781 when King Offa (or Mercia) settled a local land dispute and restored certain rights to Bishop Heathored,  including the right to build a monastery.

Kidderminsterhas not always been pronounced / spelt the same way either, it being known as Kedeleministre or Kideministre (in the 12th and 13th centuries) and Kidereministre in the (13th–15th centuries). It was not until the 16th Century that the name of the town was settled upon as Kidderminster.

The carpet industry has had a close association with the town for many years, all starting back in 1785 by Brintons. This association is celebrated by the fact that the local newspaper is still named ‘The Shuttle’ after the shuttles used in the carpet looms. By 1951 there were over thirty carpet manufacturers in the town.

Some famous residents ….

  • Sir Rowland Hill, the inventor of the Penny Black stamp, and hence the modern postal system, was born in Blackwell Street on 3 December 1795.
  • Captain Eustace Jotham, who won the Victoria Cross in 1915 (in India, whilst trying to save one of his men) was born in Kidderminster in 1883.
  • Rustie Lee, TV personality and celebrity chef, used to live on the outskirts of the town.


So there you have it. At Carera Windows, we don’t just provide a first class double glazing fitting and supply service, we also provide some interesting facts on the history about where you live.

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