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Worcester Windows and Doors

Worcester Windows, Double Glazing, Conservatories and Doors

Carera Windows are specialist double glazing installers of top quality UPVC doors, windows, conservatories, orangeries, porches and other home improvements in Worcester and Worcestershire.

Map of Worcester – Carera Windows covers this area

You can be sure of the highest quality of service. Our enviable reputation is proof of that, just see our customer’s testimonials for details. Here, perhaps the biggest indication that our service is of the highest level, is the recommendations we receive. Some 70% of all our home and commercial enquiries come via personal testimonials from happy customers.

What Makes Carera's Our Service The Best

  • Free quotation
  • Free site survey services
  • No deposit
  • Payment only upon successful completion of the installation
  • We Employ our own expert sales people and installers
  • All products are manufactured to the highest  standards
  • All products are thoroughly tested to ensure we comply with all industry standards
  • Energy efficient rated windows, doors and skylights
  • 10-year guarantee
  • We are a FENSA registered double glazing company


We understand how Important it is to choose the right replacement windows

At Carera we know that purchasing new windows or doors represents a significant investment, which in turn means you, the customer, has to be totally happy with your personal selection.

When choosing windows, the first matter to consider is the substance used. There are several types of materials to choose from, together with the different methods of opening. Both of these make a considerable difference to the visual appearance, so it is advised to make your choice with utmost care, ensuring suitability to your home and requirements

The three most popular materials are Aluminium, Wood and UPVC. The former are long lasting and tough, but they are often dearer and do not fit in with the style of most homes, unless, that is they are of an ultra modern architectural style.  Wooden frames can look very good but have fallen out of favour, many preferring the more environmentally friendly UPVC type.

Different Styles of UPVC Double Glazed Windows

If you have decided on UPVC windows, then you need to decide upon the style. A selection is listed below:-


  • Sash windows – classic design, great look for period properties with timeless charm.
  • Casement windows – probably the most popular type, letting the most light into your home.
  • Tilt Turn windows – have a flexible dual hinge system. Great choice for homes with young children, as the windows tilt to be opened and are fixed at a safe opening distance.
  • Fully reversible window – the window rotates through 180 degrees to allow internal cleaning of the external pane.
  • Open-out window – the window may be opened outwards with its friction hinges holding it in a desired position. 

 In most cases you can further increase the energy efficiency of your windows by having triple glazing installed.

Considering replacing your external doors?

It goes without saying that the external doors of your home need to be strong, sturdy and secure as well as looking great.

The good news is that today’s exterior doors fit and insulate better than the previous types as advances in technology take effect. Furthermore, the UPVC double glazed windows fitted to most modern houses can be paired with a range of  exterior UPVC door styles, so you will be sure one can be  matched to the style of your property, and your individual taste.

The range of Double glazed UPVC exterior doors includes panel, french doors, sliding doors and even stable doors, and with Carera you can rely upon our huge level of experience to help you make the right decision on the type.

UPVC double glazed doors come in a variety of different styles to include:

  • Residential doors – doors may be fitted with lever/pad handles that limit outside opening by use of a key, or lever/lever handles allowing external opening by handle movement.  High security locking systems generally comprise multipoint deadbolts of various types, and a latch lock
  • In-Line sliding patio door –in-line sliding patio doors are the most cost effective way of providing access to your patio or garden.  They slide open smoothly and effortlessly, with no sticking or jamming.  They are also designed to be very low maintenance.  
  • French doors – French doors add charm and character to a home.  UPVC French doors are an attractive option.  Doors with Georgian bars give a cottage feel.  Available in double or triple glazing for greater efficiency.
  • Bi-Fold door – bi-fold doors will transform an ordinary room into a spectacular and versatile space that becomes a feature of the home.  Bi-fold doors are great space savers and are designed to be very low maintenance.
  • Composite doors – composite doors are hugely popular with home owners because of their authentic style, thermally efficient properties and low maintenance benefits.


Worcester Conservatories, Extensions and Orangeries

Conservatories, extensions and orangeries make a  fantastic addition to any home, offering a versatile space to  be enjoyed all year round. A room that is almost outside, inside. Plus, not only are conservatories and orangeries aesthetic, they increase the value of your property, as well increasing the amount of natural light that reach inside your home.

Whatever style you choose, be it traditional or modern, it’s an ideal way of extending your living space.  Be it a new dining area, a kids play area or some home office space, it’s your choice!

Custom Built Conservatories –  the complete service from Carera Windows

With a custom made UPVC conservatory from Carera Windows, you will have all the freedom you want to build that extra space you need, one that reflects your home’s individual style and that compliments it to the full. 

Whichever style you choose, be it ornate, traditional or a modern / contemporary design, we will help you plan your conservatory or orangery so it is just how you want it. Plus, as we take pride in our work, you can be sure that it will be of the very highest quality and will be designed to totally fit your requirements.

Tips on cleaning Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Cleaning the glass of double glazed units

  • Because Glass in double glazed units, like all glass, is easily scratched, always remove jewellery prior to cleaning.
  • Most brands of window cleaner can be used, applied with a soft cloth. If heavy grime is present, this can be removed with a solution of normal soap and water.
  • Laminated glass, or glass with Georgian bars, can be cleaned in the same manner.

Leaded glass cleaning

  • Extra care is need when cleaning leaded lights as excessive pressure may dislodge the lead from the glass surface area.
  • The use of warm soapy water and a soft cloth, lightly applied, is the suggested cleaning method.

Scratched glass

  • If any scratches are found, jewellers rouge (a rubbing compound) should remove them.


Some Interesting Information about Worcester.


Worcester placement is owed to the fact that the location commanded a ford over the River Severn. A trade route was soon established, it later becoming a part of Ryknild Street in Roman times. There is evidence of a fort being built there by the Britons around 400 bc, while the Romans are known to have operated pottery kilns and ironworks close by and may have even erected a small fort.

The name Worcester is an adaption of its Old English name Weorgoran ceaster, "fort of the Weorgoran". The Weorgoran (the "people of the winding river") entered the area around the time of  the 577 Battle of Dyrham. Later the fort at Worcester was chosen—much to the surprise of much larger Gloucester and the royal court at Winchcombe—to be the seat of a new bishopric.

Later still, in 1041 it was almost destroyed after a rebellion against the punitive taxation of Harthacanute. The following century, the town (having been fortified) was attacked several times (in 1139, 1150 and 1151) during the civil war between King Stephen and Empress Matilda, daughter of Henry I.

Worcerster’s turbulent history then continued when it became the site of the final battle of the Civil War, where Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army defeated King Charles II's Cavaliers,

Plus, did you now that during World War II, the city was selected as the seat of an evacuated government in case of German invasion. The War Cabinet, along with Winston Churchill and some 16.000 state workers, would have moved to Hindlip Hall, 3 miles north of Worcester, whilst Parliament would have been temporarily seated in Stratford-upon-Avon

Famous residents ….

  • Composer Sir Edward Elgar's father ran a music shop at the end of the High Street.
  • James White (1775–1820), founder of the first advertising agency in 1800 in London, was born in Worcester.
  • Geoffrey Anketell Studdert Kennedy, poet and author, famously known as "Woodbine Willy", was for some time the Vicar of St. Paul's Church in the city. He rose to fame during World War I when, as an army chaplain, his sermons and poetry helped boost the morale of the troops. He acquired his nickname from his habit of handing out "Woodbine" cigarettes to the men in the trenches.

So there you have it. At Carera Windows, we don’t just supply and fit the very best UPCV windows, doors and conservatories, we also provide some interesting facts on the history about where you live.

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