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Composite Doors, Dudley

A selection of elegant Listers composite doors offering exceptional performance for homeowners in Dudley. Our team of expert installers fit composite doors across Dudley and across the West Midlands. Get in touch for our composite doors prices & quotes today.

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Premium Composite Doors in Dudley

Composite doors offer a spectacular blend of features because of their innovative construction and material usage. With our composite doors, you can give your Dudley home the authentic timber aesthetic without losing out on modern performance. However, it may cost less than you think – our composite door prices are more competitive than you imagine.

Our composite front doors from Sliders offer a fully-reinforced locks. These include anti-bump cylinders, keeps, handles and threshold. The result is a better-protected Dudley home with double glazing in Dudley that can achieve the Secured by Design certification.

Composite Door Designs In Dudley

Our composite doors are built with the customer in mind. The clever use of materials allows these doors to achieve high levels of thermal efficiency and are available in many designs. They are able to keep your Dudley based home warmer with less need for heating.

You can pick from a selection of composite door styles in a beautiful spectrum of colours. When combined with the choice of composite door furniture and fittings, you can almost create bespoke doors for your home. Each of our double glazed composite doors can give you a fantastic timber appearance for your home.

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Two Ranges

Our composite doors are available are from the Ultimate range. Each range gives you a different set of looks and features so you can get the right one for your Dudley home. Ask to see our vast selection of composite door styles that can be tailored to suit every Dudley home.

Highly Secure

With our composite doors, you get complete safety for your home and family and peace of mind for you. Our sturdy doors are supplemented with high-security fittings, giving you up to a Secured by Design level of protection for your Dudley property.

Easy to Maintain

Due to the innovative mix of materials that are used in our composite doors, you get the strength of timber but the easy care of uPVC. These doors require almost no attention and will still look almost new. The most you will need to do is wipe them with a damp cloth.

Composite Front Doors, Dudley West Midlands
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You can enhance your home with our Listers composite door installations. Our composite doors prices in Dudley are competitive and fair.

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Composite Features from Composite Doors

The reason why composite doors are able to provide you with such high-quality features is that of the way they are constructed. Their body is made of a combination of materials, giving you the best features of each. In this way, they are able to give you better performance while maintaining their beautiful looks.

Superb Strength

Our Ultimate range of composite doors is made using high quality materials and has a core that is highly insulated. The range we offer gives you superb resilience and strength. This helps the composite front doors to protect your Dudley home better.

Thermal Performance

The layers of insulation built within our composite front doors help keep your Dudley home warmer. These composite doors have an insulated core that creates a virtual blanket that prevents heat from escaping your house. As a result, you need less heating to keep your rooms warm, and less energy to keep your home cool in the colder months.

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Tailored Styling

In addition to the spectacular options in design and colour, our composite front doors also come with a choice of fittings. You can choose your door handles and knockers. We also offer a beautiful collection of pull bars, letter plates, as well as door letters and numerals. Each of these fittings is available in finishes like Gold, Chrome, Black and White.

Easy Care

The external facing of our composite doors makes them highly resistant to stains and damage. As a result, they are able to retain their new-like appearance for longer. The minimal care they need is a periodic wipe-down with a damp cloth. Additionally, it’s not just the appearance that lasts you years. The doors themselves are resilient and robust, giving you unflagging performance for longer.

Timber Aesthetic

Composite doors are a great replacement for timber doors as they are able to imitate the appearance perfectly. However, they are much easier to maintain and give longer-lasting, consistent performance. As a result, you can retain the appearance of your property without compromising on the modern features of your property.

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Composite Door Prices, Dudley

If you want a quick estimate for your composite door prices in Dudley and the West Midlands, why not try out our online quoting engine? This clever tool will give you a price tailored to your needs within minutes. Combined with a 10-year guarantee and our expert installation, you can rely on us for an investment that will last a lifetime.

You can also get in touch with us for prices and with all your questions. If you want to speak to someone from our team, give us a call on 01384 442490 You can also contact us online to get a quote for your composite doors prices fitted.

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