Composite Doors, Kidderminster Double Glazed Composite Doors, Kidderminster

Composite Doors, Kidderminster

A spectacular selection of premium Safedoor composite doors for style and performance provided to homeowners and commercial customers across Kidderminster.

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Select Composite Doors in Kidderminster

Our Kidderminster customers can enjoy our gorgeous range of high-quality composite doors. These doors give you top-of-the-line performance with their clever amalgamation of materials. In fact, our composite doors make excellent timber replacement doors with their traditional aesthetic with advanced features.

We bring you composite front doors from leading manufacturers, Safedoors along with our double glazing in Kidderminster. These doors give you amazing security with their 70mm reinforced uPVC outer frame. Additionally, we fit them with high-security locking systems to give your home complete protection. This way, you get a Secured by Design level of safety for your home.

Composite Door Designs

Our composite front doors are constructed bearing in mind all the features you would want in your doors. This is why these doors give you tremendous heat performance as well as complete security for your home.

In addition to keeping your home warm and safe, these modern composite doors also impart a beauty to your property. They replicate the look of wooden doors quite perfectly. What’s more, they are available in a spectrum of attractive colour options.

GRP Composite Doors: Our Glass Reinforced Polyester doors have a fibreglass surface. This not only gives them a durable finish but since the colour is injected inside the GRP facing, you get longer-lasting colour as well.

Thermoplastic Composite Doors: Our thermoplastic composite doors have a solid core made of timber. This core is covered with an insulating layer. As a result, you get a door that is difficult to damage and provides you with impeccable thermal insulation.

Modern Composite Doors, Kidderminster

Choice of Design

We bring you two distinct ranges, with each offering a glorious selection of designs and styles. With the vast choice available in the Diamond range and the 15 striking options available in the Platinum range, you are sure to find the perfect door for your Kidderminster property.

Safety Guaranteed

We give you sturdy composite doors fitted with advanced locking systems for complete protection. In fact, our modern composite front doors are so well-reinforced that you can get up to a Secured by Design level of security to guard your home and possessions in Kidderminster.

Low Maintenance

While our composite doors look just like wooden doors, they need none of the care. The GRP facing keeps the doors from staining or scratching. It also keeps the colour looking fresh. As a result, you just need to wipe these doors with a damp cloth to maintain their attractive looks.

Replacement Composite Doors, Kidderminster
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You can enhance your home with our Safedoors composite door installations. Our prices in Kidderminster are competitive and affordable.

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Style and Performance with Composite Doors

Our modern composite doors are able to give you such outstanding performance because of the way the different materials are used. Since each element negates the weaknesses of the other materials, you get features that are highly efficient.

Greater Strength

The combination of materials used in our Diamond and Platinum range allows these modern composite doors to give you unbeatable strength. Additionally, they come with security systems that include anti-bump cylinders, keeps, handles, and thresholds. As a result, they keep your home safe and protected.

Heat Efficient

Our modern composite doors have insulating layers built in them. This insulation core helps retain the heat inside your home. Since you don’t have the warmth leaching out, your home gets warm faster and stays that way longer. This helps reduce your energy consumption even as your home becomes warmer.

Composite Doors Fitted, Kidderminster

Bespoke Looks

No matter how beautiful a door design, it needs to match the style of the property or it will not look good. This is why we give you a comprehensive selection of designs, styles, and looks with our composite front doors. In fact, you can also select the colours, door furniture and fittings, and so much more in a variety of finishes.

Minimal Care

Our modern composite doors are designed to have a surface that is impervious to stains and marks. You will never face the problem of paint peeling or scratching. Even the stains will remain on the surface and not get absorbed. As a result, all you will ever need to do to maintain your doors is to wipe them occasionally with a damp cloth.

Wooden Look

Our timber replacement composite doors give you a very realistic wooden appearance. They are indistinguishable from wooden doors. However, they don’t need the intensive care required by timber doors. What’s more, they also give a much more modern and consistent performance that lasts years.

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Composite Door Prices, Kidderminster

If you're looking for composite door prices for your Kidderminster property, you can get them instantly with us. Just try our online quoting engine for quick composite door quotes that it will calculate based on your specifications.

We are also available on phone if you call us on 01384 442490. Alternatively, you can also send us an online message by filling up our contact form. We will get back to you with the answers to any questions you may have as well as your composite door cost.

The best part is, you get a 10-year guarantee along with our competitive prices and great features, making our composite doors a great investment for your Kidderminster property!

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