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A fantastic selection of double glazed conservatories in Bromsgrove to help you enhance your property and increase your space.

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Stunning Conservatories for Your Home in Bromsgrove

At Carera Windows, you can get high-quality uPVC conservatories in Bromsgrove for your commercial or residential property. These double glazed conservatories from Profile 22 are excellent for increasing the space in your home.

Our glazed extensions do not cost as much as building a room and also offer you a number of great features. The most important qualities these conservatories offer are security and thermal performance.

Our efficient and reliable double glazing in Bromsgrove ensures that you can enjoy your extra room for years to come. We reinforce this assurance with a 10-year guarantee on our uPVC conservatories, giving you complete peace of mind.

Create More Room with Conservatories

As your family grows, it is only natural for you to want more room. A conservatory can help you get that much-needed space with minimal effort or expense. It also serves to enhance the look and value of your property, making it even more desirable.

You can also tailor it to suit your purpose by choosing the features you want. Whether it is privacy for a bedroom or natural light for a living area, your conservatory can give you exactly what you need.

We even offer you a comprehensive selection of conservatory designs so that your room complements your property perfectly. Choose from a wide spectrum of colours and finishes to create a glazed extension that looks like an integral part of your home.

In addition to looking stunning, our uPVC conservatories also help secure your home. They come with a sturdy uPVC profile that is further supplemented with modern locking systems for all your windows and doors.

uPVC Conservatories, Bromsgrove

uPVC Conservatory Benefits

Reliable Function

We give you conservatories made from the finest materials so that you get reliable performance for a long time.

Sustainable Products

Our uPVC conservatories not only help you conserve energy but are also completely recyclable and sustainable.

Secure Space

The robust uPVC profile of our conservatories is reinforced with secure locking systems to give you a safer home.

uPVC Conservatories, Bromsgrove
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Our conservatory prices in Bromsgrove are extremely affordable and we offer a stunning selection of styles and designs. For your conservatory guide price, visit our quote engine.

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Conservatory Styles for Bromsgrove Homes

Choose from our range of lovely uPVC conservatory styles in Bromsgrove and get the perfect extension for your property. Here are the conservatory designs we offer.

bromsgrove conservatory with bifold doors
Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian conservatory has a floor plan that is quite distinctive. While other conservatories have a square shape, this extension consists of 3 straight walls and one that is curved, created with a 3- or 5-panel bay window which creates a cosy nook as well as an interesting feature in the room.

Edwardian Conservatory, Bromsgrove
Edwardian Conservatory

The Edwardian conservatory style brings together an attractive design and an easy-to-use floor plan for any Bromsgrove home. This glazed extension is made up of a square or rectangular room topped with a gorgeous double-hipped, double-sloped roof.

Lantern Roof, bromsgrove
Lantern Conservatories

Our lantern conservatories can be used to create a bright room with extra sunlight. These glazed extensions have a layer of windows on the roof that extend up, giving the room more light as well as a sense of greater height. This gives you a room that looks warm and welcoming.

Lean-To Conservatory bromsgrove
Lean-To Conservatory

The simplest, yet most elegant of all the conservatories in Bromsgrove, the lean-to conservatory offers a beautiful extension option to every home. This square room with a single-sloped roof can be fitted in properties with low eaves or an irregular shape.

Gable Conservatory bromsgrove
Gable Conservatory

A square floor shape and a roof that slopes down the sides and peaks at the front gives this conservatory style a dramatically high appearance. These uPVC conservatories in Bromsgrove work excellently with larger properties but can be used to bring a theatrical air to any home.

uPVC Garden conservatory bromsgrove
Garden Room

Ideal for a space with more privacy, garden rooms are 'free-standing conservatories' that are not attached to your property. These provide a quiet little nook perfect for a den, an office at home, or even a room where you can host dinner parties and entertain guests.

Combination Conservatory bromsgrove
Combination Conservatory

Our combination conservatories in Bromsgrove are perfect for properties where a conventional shape is not ideal. These uPVC conservatory styles combine two or more designs to create a room that maximises your unused space.

P-Shaped Conservatory bromsgrove
P-Shaped Conservatory

A P-shaped conservatory style combines the curved Victorian conservatory with a square lean-to or Edwardian style to create a composite shape. This gives you more space in an area where a large extension might not have fitted.

Georgian Conservatory bromsgrove
Georgian Conservatory

Georgian conservatories are similar to Edwardian extensions but are more ornate, with more ornamental features. While this style works well with period properties, you can also use it to give your modern home a stunning feature.

Conservatory Prices, Bromsgrove

Our competitive conservatory prices in Bromsgrove give you a cost-effective way to extend your property.

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