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French Doors, Dudley

Give Your Home a Stunning European Aesthetic

We offer elegant and stylish uPVC French doors to enhance your Dudley property's look and performance.

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Beautiful French Doors for Dudley Homes

Nothing beats French doors when it comes to chic and classy elegance. Additionally, they give you superb performance as well. What’s more, you can choose from a spectrum of colours for your uPVC French doors. As a result, with our double glazing in Dudley, you can easily enhance the look of your home and make its functioning efficient.

Our double glazed French doors can be made to look traditional or modern with a few strategic features. In addition to your choice of colour, you can also opt for glass designs like diamond lead, bevelled or astragal bars. However, if you want a contemporary look with no obstruction in your view, you will appreciate the lying mullion feature. This central pillar is attached to the slave sash and moves out of the way when both sashes are open.


Tailor Your French Doors to Your Home

Getting your new French doors to look right for your home can be quite important. If it doesn’t match the aesthetics of the building, it will look out of place. This is why we give you uPVC French doors in a choice of colours as well as two distinct profiles.

Choose the Optima Chamfered profile if you want modern-looking doors for your modern home. These doors offer cleaner lines without the traditional embellishments. As a result, you can continue the contemporary theme of your Dudley property through your French doors.

For heritage homes and traditional-styled properties in Dudley, you can retain the vintage aesthetics with our Optima Sculptured profile. These frames have ornate lines that reflect old-style wooden decoration on doors and windows. As a result, you can get modern performance with a traditional look.

Tailored uPVC French Doors, Dudley

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Our uPVC French door prices in Dudley are extremely competitive and we offer a grand selection of styles and designs. For your internal or external French door guide price, visit our quote engine.

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Get Great Performance with Your French Doors

At Carera Windows, you get high-quality double glazing for your Dudley home. This is why we bring you market-leading uPVC French doors from Profile 22. These double glazed doors give you great features that will do justice to any modern home. You get tremendous security and exceptional thermal performance. What’s more, these durable French doors give you long-lasting good looks.

As with all our uPVC profiles, these uPVC French doors come with a strategically-broken frame. This gives you excellent insulation as the chambers within the frame trap warm air and help retain warmth. Additionally, this is supplemented with innovative centre seals which help keep your home draught-free and dry. As a result, these doors help lower your heating bills.

The best part is, you don’t have to spend a lot of time taking care of them either. Our uPVC French doors are so low-maintenance that all you will have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth. They are so durable that this is enough to keep their colour bright and fresh. What’s more, with their drainage channel and a clever design, they don’t let dirt and dust build up making them almost self-cleaning.


Attractive uPVC French Door Features


Getting stunning doors should not come at the expense of the environment. This is why we offer double glazed French doors that are 100% recyclable. The materials used for these doors can be reused over and over again with no loss in performance or durability. As a result, you can get sustainable uPVC French doors that help you save energy, lower your carbon footprint, as well as reducing the load on landfills.

Highly Secure

When you get our uPVC French doors, you get complete protection for your Dudley home. We offer high-security fittings installed on sturdy frames. In fact, you get doors that are approved by the UK police and certified Secured by Design. As a result, you can always rest easy knowing that your home, possessions, and family are safe and secure behind your new French doors.

Approved by BBA

Our uPVC French doors are designed to such high standards that they are certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA). This body monitors the quality and performance of products by testing them rigorously. Therefore, you know that your French doors have gone through stringent quality tests and inspections. As a result, you can always be sure about your investment.

Choose From a Range of Colours

Tailoring your double glazed French doors means choosing the right colour. This is why we offer our doors in a selection of hues and finishes. Our finishes include woodgrain foils so that you can imitate the authentic timber appearance without paying the higher price for wooden doors. As a result, you can get a product that matches the aesthetic of your Dudley property perfectly.

Fantastic Features of uPVC French Doors in Dudley

uPVC French Door Prices, Dudley

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