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Roof Lanterns, Halesowen

Lightweight and sleek roof lanterns fitted in Halesowen to make your home lighter and brighter, whilst maintaining privacy.

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Stunning Roof Lanterns, Halesowen

With Carera Windows, you can choose from a brilliant selection of aluminium roof lanterns. Along with our double glazing in Halesowen, these roof windows can help you improve the look and the thermal performance of your property. Whether you have a commercial property or a residential one, these lantern roofs will help transform your space into one that is bright and welcoming.

Our gorgeous aluminium roof lanterns are brought to you from industry-leading brand Stratus by Synseal. With these skylights, you can add a fabulously elegant style in addition to some useful features to your property.

Why Choose Our Roof Lanterns?

Aluminium is an incredibly strong and durable metal. With our aluminium roof lanterns, you get the full benefit of the resilience and longevity of the material. These inherent properties of our roof lanterns help improve the safety and security of your home.

In addition to being incredibly robust, these skylights also give you great thermal efficiency. You can also choose from the contemporary, 2-way, or 3-way designs to optimise the appearance of your Halesowen home. This way, not only do you create a beautiful property but also one that performs optimally.

Modern Roof Lantern Designs, Halesowen

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We offer beautiful aluminium roof lanterns in Halesowen and our prices are suitable for all budgets. By using our online quote engine you can generate instant, no obligation, lantern roof prices.

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Stylish Roof Lantern Designs

Heat efficiency is a major concern in modern homes. It is important to conserve energy not just for reducing heating bills but also for lowering your carbon footprint. Roof lanterns especially need to be highly thermally efficient as heat rises. This is why we give modern roof lantern designs that offer 65% more insulation than other aluminium skylights.

Additionally, we ensure that your roof windows are also tightly sealed against the weather. Since they are also quite secure, they keep you safe from draughts and rainwater seeping as well as any break-in attempts.

All these great features do not come at the cost of style. Our sleek and stylish aluminium roof lanterns give you a slimmer profile for a cleaner look. You get large areas of glass that let in natural light and give you a gorgeous view of the outside world.

Roof Lantern Benefits

Choose Your Style

With our aluminium roof lanterns, you can decide whether you want a sleek 2-way or a stylish 3-way design. We also offer a gorgeous Contemporary style that provides you with a minimalist style for the modern Halesowen home. You can even choose a Crisp White or Anthracite Grey for interior colour.

Insulated Roof Lanterns

Aluminium is generally considered poor at insulation, but we offer you aluminium roof lanterns that offer 65% better insulation than other aluminium systems. These skylights help you keep your home warm in even the coldest weather, while also saving you money in heating bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Clean and Modern

If you're looking for aluminium roof lanterns for your modern home, our Stratus roof windows will help you get the right look. These windows are fitted with discreet top caps and internal covers, so you get clean lines and a contemporary style. The sleek profile also gives you unobstructed views and more light.

Great Features with Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Our aluminium roof lanterns from Stratus come with a polyamide nylon-glass composite thermal breaks. As a result, they give you great heat performance. In fact, these roof windows can give you much better insulation than any other aluminium window system. This helps you create a warmer space within your Halesowen home.

Additionally, with their strong and slim aluminium profile, you get less obstructions in your view. The vast expanse of glass helps give you more light, making your rooms brighter and looking more spacious. These roof lanterns are also incredibly durable and require very little care.

Quick Roof Lanterns Installations, Halesowen

An installation that takes too long can be very disruptive to your life and routine. It can also be a weak point in your property’s security. This is why we give you aluminium roof lanterns that are quickly installed. As a result, you can get your roof windows fitted in quick time, without affecting you too much. Most importantly, there is no compromise on the quality either. You get a stunning aluminium roof lantern installed that you can enjoy for years.

Clean finish - aluminium roof lantern skylight

Roof Lantern Prices, Halesowen

Our roof lantern prices are designed to give you an affordable option for your Halesowen home improvement. We have also simplified the process for giving you your roof lantern quote.

All you need to do is enter your specifications into our online quoting engine. This tool uses these to quickly calculate your personalised aluminium roof lantern cost. If you have any questions, you can contact us by sending us the filled-up online contact form.

You can also call us on 01384 442490 and speak to us. We will answer all your questions and give you your no-obligation roof lantern prices.

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