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Sash Windows, Bromsgrove

Traditional Vertical Sliding Windows with Contemporary Features

Stunning uPVC sliding sash windows in Bromsgrove that are ideal for heritage properties as well as modern homes looking for a traditional style.

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Premium uPVC Sliding Sash Windows in Bromsgrove

Our uPVC sash windows in Bromsgrove are a great way to retain the heritage appearance of your home while imbuing it with modern performance. Your sliding sash windows from also help save space and add a traditional charm, even in a new property. With our selection of woodgrain finishes to choose from, your vertical sliding windows can also mimic wooden ones quite perfectly.

Our sliding sash windows come from Quickslide, a leading name in the industry. With our double glazing in Bromsgrove, these double glazed sash windows give you better thermal performance and security for your property. You also get better weatherproofing, keeping your home safe from draughts and water seepage. All this from windows that are so easy to operate that you won’t have to struggle with them even after years of operation.

What are Sliding Sash Windows?

While most windows swing on hinges, vertically sliding sash windows slide up and down on a controlled spring balance system. Since you are not swinging them open, you save space on the swinging arc. They also give you more control as well as a safer opening in windy areas, allowing you to determine the amount of opening you want.

These sliding sash windows have been a mainstay of the heritage property look across the country and are a requirement for such homes. However, timber windows can be difficult to maintain and often do not give you very consistent performance. With our uPVC sash windows, you can recreate the look but with modern features and very little maintenance.

We even give you customisation options that allow you to tailor your sash windows. Our range of colour and finish choices are great for creating the right colour scheme for your home. You can even get the vintage look with options like run-through horns, plant-on horns, Georgian bars and more.


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Our uPVC sliding sash window prices in Bromsgrove are extremely affordable and we offer a brilliant selection of customisation options. For your uPVC sash window guide price, visit our quote engine.

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Longer-Lasting uPVC Sash Windows

Our durable uPVC sash windows in Bromsgrove keep your home looking beautiful and performing optimally for a very long time. These double glazed sliding sash windows are available in the look you want with a range of conventional and unconventional colour choices as well as woodgrain foils.

We give you sliding sash windows that are crafted using premium materials for a longer-lasting finish. They require just a wipe down with a damp cloth to stay clean and bright. The resilient uPVC ensures that you never have to deal with rust, rot, decay, or even peeling paint.

Our replacement sash windows are so sturdy and durable that we even offer a 10-year guarantee on them. This provides you with the additional peace of mind and the assurance that our vertical sliders will last you a long time.

Incredible uPVC Sliding Sash Window Features

When you replace your timber windows with our uPVC sash windows, you will notice an immediate improvement in the way your Bromsgrove property performs. You can get upgraded thermal performance with our double glazed sash windows. These profiles are also fitted with high-quality gaskets to keep your home as dry as it is warm.

Our modern sliding sash windows are also incredibly easy to operate. They come with an innovative pre-tension spring balance system that gives you smoother movement which is further supplemented with the light weight of the uPVC profile.

Features of uPVC Sash Windows

Choice of Fittings

You can customise your uPVC sliding sash windows with a range of window furniture designs and finishes. Choose from a variety of sash horn designs, knobs, handles, locks, and features like Georgian bars to create the window that blends in perfectly with your home.

Secure Windows

We give you strong and secure sash windows that give your property a high level of protection. Our sturdy vertical sliders are fitted with advanced locking systems offering you an exceptional level of protection for you and your family.

Easy Care

With our modern sliding sash windows, you can get profiles that need no more than a few minutes of care. We even offer a handy tilt feature that allows you to clean the outer panes of your windows quite safely for cleaner and new-looking windows.

Colour Choices for Sash Windows

Match your uPVC sash windows in Bromsgrove with your fittings in your property with our stunning range of 200 RAL colours and finishes. Your windows can be made to fit your décor and your vision perfectly.

Sliding Sash Window Colour Options

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Prices, Bromsgrove

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