uPVC Sash Windows, Kidderminster

uPVC Sash Windows, Kidderminster

Vintage Look, Modern Features

Exquisite and high-performing sliding sash windows that are perfect for both heritage as well as contemporary properties in Kidderminster.

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Sash Windows for Kidderminster Homes

If you have a heritage property in Kidderminster, it is very likely that you would like replacement sliding sash windows to maintain its look. Even if you have a modern home, our uPVC sash windows are a great way to give it a charming air. Whether you want them for a new property or a traditional one, our uPVC sliding sash windows will give you the look you want along with modern performance.

We bring you high-quality uPVC sash windows from Quickslide, an industry-leading brand that offers fantastic heat performance as well as security. Additionally, these windows are designed using modern technology to give you effortless opening as closing. With the colour selection and our double glazing in Kidderminster, your home will get a refreshed style and improved performance almost instantly.

What are Sliding Sash Windows?

Conventional windows are fixed with hinges and swing outwards or inwards to open. Our sash windows Kidderminster, on the other hand, open by sliding vertically using as clever spring balance system. This compact opening system means you save space and also get better control over how much of an opening you want.

These sliding sash windows are omnipresent in heritage properties across the country and are an integral part of the look. However, unlike the old single glazed wooden windows, our uPVC sash windows give you the timber look but with contemporary features.

What’s more, we also have a beautiful selection of window furniture and design options so you can tailor the look of your uPVC sash windows. Choose from design features like run-through horns, plant-on horns, Georgian bars, trickle vents, and a host of other options to create bespoke windows for your Kidderminster home.

uPVC Sash Window Prices, Kidderminster

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Our uPVC sliding sash window prices in Kidderminster are extremely competitive and we offer a grand selection of styles and designs. For your uPVC sash window guide price, visit our quote engine.

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Long-Lasting uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

With our sliding sash windows Kidderminster, you get a longer lasting feature for your Kidderminster home. These windows are made using high-quality materials which resist damage as well as rot, rust, and colour fading. As a result, you just need to wipe them with a wet cloth to keep them clean and as good as new.

Additionally, you get a beautiful selection of colours to choose from, including some very realistic woodgrain finishes. These woodgrain foils make it easy for you to keep the timber look of your property consistent throughout.

To give you complete peace of mind, we offer a 10-year guarantee on our uPVC sash windows. As a result, you can invest in them with confidence, knowing that these elegant windows will give you reliable performance all their lives.

Modern Performance with uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Whether you want replacement sliding sash windows or installation for a new home, our windows will be perfect for you. You can customise their looks to suit even a home with timber fittings. However, they will give you better heat efficiency than wooden windows. What’s more, we fit them with superior gaskets for better weather protection.

Additionally, our modern sash windows Kidderminster come with a pre-tension spring balance mechanism for smoother operations without any of the jerks and starts of older models. They are even lighter so you won’t have to struggle with opening and closing them.


uPVC Sash Windows Explained


Fabulous uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Features

Bespoke Looks

You can design your sash windows Kidderminster to give you the colour as well as the look you want. We offer a wide variety of hardware options as well as design features to customise your sliding sash windows.

Secure Windows

With our Secured by Design-certified uPVC sash windows, you get complete protection for your home and family. As a result, you can sleep easy at night, and these windows will defend you against any intruders.

Minimal Care

We give you modern vertical sliding sash windows equipped with the tilt feature for easy care. Most importantly, these windows require no more than a few minutes in cleaning with a damp cloth.

Sash Windows Colour Selection

Our fantastic selection of uPVC sash window colours is so extensive that you will be able to match your windows to your Kidderminster home perfectly. Choose from a spectrum of foils that can perfectly replicate an original timber sash.

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Sliding Sash Window Colour Options

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Prices, Kidderminster

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