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uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

A Multi-Functional Update to Classic Windows. Based in Stourbridge, we offer our outstanding uPVC tilt and turn windows throughout Worcestershire, Worcester, Redditch, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Droitwich Spa, Evesham, Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Stafford and surrounding West Midlands areas.

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Our Range of Secure Tilt and Turn Windows

uPVC tilt and turn windows are characterised by their unique ‘tilt only’ function, which allows homeowners to open the window without having to completely release the locking mechanism. This means you’ll be able to enjoy more ventilation without less peace of mind. They can also open in the traditional casement style to suit your needs.

Due the modern approach that is take to their manufacturing, these windows are able to offer cutting-edge standards of performance and design. By using the market-leading uPVC profile from Profile 22, we can offer you a new addition to your home that is sure to make you feel both safer and more comfortable.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows Features

An Innovative Design

The tilt and turn windows that we offer come in Chamfered or Sculptured variations. This profile features a higher glass-to-frame ratio, thus making it an excellent choice for commercial properties. You can choose from double or triple glazing options and greatly improve the overall efficiency of your Stourbridge home or office space.

BBA Certification

The British Board of Agrément is one of the UK’s leading governing bodies of quality assurance, which means that you can rest assured that our windows have gained their approval. At Carera Windows, we always strive to offer you a trusted service that has been inspected and approved to certified standards. Don’t settle for anything less.

Recyclable Profile

To ensure we offer you market-leading standards in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, we only use profiles that are 100% recyclable. Not only does this reduce our carbon footprint, we do it in a way that does not compromise the structural integrity of the window. You’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

A Choice of Designs

Our uPVC tilt and turn windows can be tailored to suit both modern and traditional homes alike, which means you are sure to find the perfect option for your property. You’ll be able to enhance your home in a way that suits you.

Optima Chamfered: For homeowners looking for a modern flair, the Optima Chamfered profile is the perfect solution. This design comprises a smooth and sleek feel, which is perfect for complementing new builds and traditional homes alike.

Optima Sculptured: If you want a more heritage feel in your home, our tilt and turn windows can be finished in a sculptured finish. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the look of traditional wooden windows without any of the outdated setbacks.

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High Performance uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

Bringing our uPVC tilt and turn windows to your home will enable you to enjoy the best in thermal efficiency, security, durability and performance. This means that you’ll be able to feel more comfortable in your home, with the peace of mind that comes with exceptional standards of home security and window integrity.

These windows utilise a multi-chambered profile that helps to trap in pockets of warm air, helping to increase the amount of time that the warmth from your central heating stays in your home. With our uPVC tilt and turn windows achieving an A++ Window Energy Rating, you’ll be able to keep the winter winds at bay without compromising style.

Outclassing the classic timber design, these uPVC windows have been designed to minimise the amount of maintenance they will need to keep the frame looking fresh and new. Further to this, their minimal need for maintenance also means that they will uphold an impressive lifespan. You won’t have to settle for less than a fantastic investment for your property.

View Our uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows in our Local Stourbridge Showroom

For more information on our range of tilt and turn windows, why don’t you take a visit to our local Stourbridge showroom. Here, our expert team can provide you with all the information you need on your new tilting windows and help you find the perfect style that is perfect for your project requirements. We have an exceptional collection of styles and designs for you to choose from, so you can trust our team to find you the perfect set of replacement uPVC tilt and turn windows.

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Key Product Benefits


  • Perfect for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Maximum functionality and limited movement for your safety.
  • Windows can achieve A++ energy ratings.
  • Double or triple glazing options.
  • Approved by Police programme Secured By Design.
  • PAS24 compliant.
  • Increased structural integrity.
  • 30 colour options for a seamless match.
  • Various window handles and hinges to create bespoke designs.
  • Patterned, frosted or etched glass available.
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Profile 22 Tilt & Turn chamfered & sculptural Brochures.

Browse our brochures to get further technical and design information.

Tilt & Turn Window Colours

Bringing a personal touch to your home is made easy with our extensive colour options. Choose from 30 standard RAL colours offering subtle tones and bold options. All colours are fitted with a highly durable coating to ensure they do not fade or peel over time. Additionally, homeowners can opt for woodgrain foils, to replicate a timber finish without the extensive maintenance. Whether you are looking for something modern or classic, Carera has something to suit your design vision. *Colour declaration – Colours may vary in appearance and are shown as a guide

Black Brown black
Steel Blue steel-blue
Dark Green dark-green
Black Ulti-Matt black-ulti-matt
Anthracite Grey anthracite-grey
Anthracite Grey Smooth anthracite-grey-smooth
Slate Grey slate-grey
Slate Grey Finesse slate-grey-finesse
Buckingham Grey buckingham-grey
Basalt Grey Smooth basalt-grey-smooth
Kensington Grey kensington-grey
Hazy Grey Finesse hazy-grey-finesse
Silver D Smooth silver-d-smooth
Dark Red red
Flemish Gold Smooth flemish-gold-smooth
Pyrite pyrite
Chartwell Green Chartwell Green
Sage Smooth windsor
Windsor Windsor
Agate Grey agate-grey
Pebble Grey pebble-grey
Claystone claystone
Cream cream
White white
Irish Oak golden oak
Honey Oak Super-Matt Honey Oak Super-Matt
Light Oak Honey Oak Super-Matt
Rosewood rosewood
Swamp Oak rosewood
AnTeak anteak

Glazing Options

Arctic window-glazing
Chantilly chantilly
Contora contora
Minster minster
Digital digital
Charcoal charcoal
Stippolyte stippolyte

Hardware Styles & Colours

The design of the Sparta Tilt and Turn Window Handle is appealing. Increased hand space is provided by the grip feature, which also has an ergonomic soft grip insert for better comfort when being used.

A wide variety of finishes are available, including Gold (PVD), Polished Chrome, Satin Silver, Black, White, Anthracite Grey, Brushed Stainless finish, Dark Chrome, and Satin Chrome finishes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do tilt & turn windows offer good ventilation?

The most obvious advantage of a tilt turn window is the varied ventilation. The tilt function allows for top ventilation, cutting back on strong breezes, and makes an excellent night opening whereas the turn function allows for a wide opening and maximum air circulation during the day.

How much do tilt & turn windows cost?

Tilt & Turn window prices can vary greatly. The overall size and the customisation you select can greatly influence the cost. If you’d like to know how much your desired set of double glazed windows would cost, use our online quoting engine today.

Are tilt & turn windows easy to clean?

One advantage is ease of maintenance and cleaning. As these windows can open fully into the home, they are really easy to clean both the inside and outside, without having to use a ladder, or take the risk of leaning outside your window.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows Prices

Our online quoting engine allows you to get a free, instant and bespoke quote for your tilt and turn windows. Just follow the simple step by step process to get a price that is tailored to your specifications, allowing you to bring something impressive to your home in a cost-effective way.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us through our online contact form to speak to a member of our professional team. We’ll be on hand to handle any enquiries you may have, bringing you one step closer to your perfect home improvement solution.

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