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Roof Lanterns, Bromsgrove

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Sleek and Light aluminium roof lanterns to brighten your Bromsgrove home.

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Attractive Roof Lanterns, Bromsgrove

At Carera Windows, we offer a spectacular range of aluminium roof lanterns in Bromsgrove to our customers. These gorgeous roof windows can help you brighten up an otherwise dark room. They also give you amazing thermal performance, so your property stays warm even when your heating has been turned off.

As part of our comprehensive double glazing in Bromsgrove, our double glazed roof windows are guaranteed to give you superior performance. These high-quality skylights come to you from leading name Stratus by Synseal. With these aluminium roof windows, your property gets a modern look and premium features.

Why Choose Our Roof Lanterns?

Our roof lanterns are made of aluminium. This is an extremely robust material, giving you skylights that are durable and strong. This means that your property gets a feature that will last years. More importantly, it will add to the overall security.

Our double glazed aluminium skylights also give you great insulation along with stunning style. We offer three design options – Contemporary, 2-way,or 3-way. This allows you to tailor the look to match the aesthetics of your Bromsgrove property. As a result, your roof window blends in with the rest of your fittings quite effortlessly.

roof lanterns bromsgrove

Looking for Roof Lantern Prices in Bromsgrove?

We offer beautiful aluminium roof lanterns in Bromsgrove at incredibly competitive prices. By using our online quote engine you can request no obligation, lantern roof prices.

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High-Performing Roof Lanterns

Since heat tends to rise, it is important that your roof lanterns be heat efficient. This is why we ensure that our double glazed roof lanterns help keep your home warm by not letting out the warmth from your rooms. Our modern roof window design allows you to conserve 65% more heat than any other aluminium skylights.

We also make sure that your skylights give you sufficient protection against the weather, with seals to prevent draughts and rainwater seepage. These windows are also secured against intruders and break-in attempts.

However, you don’t have to compromise on the visual appeal to get all these brilliant features. Our aluminium skylights are designed for chic and elegant style. With their slim frames and clutter-free finish, you get modern roof windows that give you unobstructed views and maximum sunlight.

Roof Lantern Benefits

Bespoke Style

With a choice of 2-way or 3-way designs, you can choose the way your skylight as well as your property will look. We even have a minimalist Contemporary style that will give your Bromsgrove home a clean and modern look. Choose from a Crisp White or Anthracite Grey for a truly bespoke interior finish.

Thermal Insulation

While aluminium used to be considered a bad choice for insulation, our modern aluminium roof lanterns don't suffer from the same problem. These modern skylights give you 65% better heat performance than other similar systems. As a result, you get a warm room along with lowered heating bills.

Clean Style

Our Stratus aluminium roof lanterns are the perfect choice for a modern Bromsgrove home. With their discreet top caps and internal covers, you get roof windows that are finished for a minimalist look. Their slimline profile also gives you a larger glazed area for more natural light and better views of the outside.

Premium Aluminium Roof Lantern Features

Our aluminium roof lanterns are equipped with polyamide nylon-glass composite thermal breaks. This gives them better heat retention. As a result, your skylights prevent the warmth from escaping from the roof, leading to a warmer room with less energy consumption in your Bromsgrove home.

These roof windows also give you a better look. They offer a sleek and slim profile that can afford a larger area of glass. That leads to more sunlight in the room, making it seem bright and spacious, as well as more welcoming. Additionally, our double glazed skylights require very little care so you can enjoy your new skylights without having to invest much time in their care.

Efficient Roof Lantern Installation

Our aluminium roof window installation in Bromsgrove is quick and efficient so that your daily life is not interrupted for too long. Our expert installers give you a smooth and reliable installation for roof windows that will last you years and give you high-quality service throughout. They will also guard your home against intruders and the damaging effect of the weather at all times.

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Roof Lantern Prices, Bromsgrove

With our roof lantern prices in Bromsgrove, you can give your home a makeover without having to exceed your budget. We even make it easy for you to get your roof windows quotes.

Simply get on to our online quoting engine and enter your requirements into it. This clever calculator will use your specifications to calculate your personalised aluminium skylights costs.

For any other information about our roof windows or other products, you can get in touch with us. Fill up our online contact form with your questions or call us on 01384 442490. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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